andersonIf Monday happened to be the day you wondered to yourself, “Whoa, I wonder what a bunch of random ex-Twins are up to,” then consider yourself in the crosshairs of serendipity (which, coincidentally, is the name of my upcoming speed metal CD).

*Item number 1, which I learned about from Parker Hageman’s Twitter feed: former Twins catcher Ryan Doumit and former Twins No. 1 draft pick B.J. Garbe are on the same beer league softball team in Washington. And apparently, they’re killing it.

Last couple of years playing in the big leagues, I’ve always thought about, man, I can’t wait for that day to come when I can play slow-pitch softball with  my friends and just enjoy it,” Doumit remembers.  “This is my big leagues. This is the big leagues but smaller field, smaller crowd, and a lot less stress so I’m having a great time.”

Maybe that’s what the Twins sensed when they offloaded Doumit (and his $3.5 million contract) on the Braves before the 2014 season, his last in the bigs.

*Item number 2: Boof Bonser announced Monday that he was in Minneapolis. Yay! But Bonser quickly followed up with a tweet that said he was just on his way to LAX. Boo! OK, we’re not really booing. We’re just saying boooooooooof.

/shows self out.

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