Y'all wanted rhythm? Well, this is about as rhythmic as anyone could have hoped for.

The Vikings lead the Bucs 17-0 at the half, and it's not even that close. The Vikings have 284 yards and 17 first downs. A week ago, the Vikings had 187 yards and 10 first downs.

Donovan McNabb has completed 11 of 17 passes for 153 yards. A week ago, he had seven completions for 39 yards.

Adrian Peterson has 15 carries for 83 yards and two touchdowns. He bounced off two Bucs for his second touchdown, a nine-yarder that gave him 54 career touchdowns.

The defense is playing even better, having held the Bucs to three first downs and 62 yards.

Basically, if ya had to sum up the first half, it's this: The Bucs can't block or tackle a Vikings team that's just too powerful them. And the score could be 21-0 if McNabb hadn't skipped a ball incomplete to Shiancoe on third-and-goal. The Vikings settled for a field goal on that drive.