“I’m not seeing Chuck Foreman on any of these lists,” the comment on startribune.com read. “Must be a misprint.”

We’ll assume that the commenter was making a point, not actually hacking into our server and recounting the votes from over 5,000 readers who submitted a top 10 list of our all-time greatest Vikings project.

But get this: the commenter was right. We messed up.

In circling back through all the votes one last time Friday morning, an editor realized Chuck Foreman had mistakenly been dropped from the spreadsheet. The Chuck column had been wiped out, somehow.

That’s embarrassing as heck, but it’s welcome news for the many, many Chuck Foreman fans out there. When we published the readers’ top 10 Vikings results Thursday afternoon, several commenters immediately expressed their disappointment in not seeing No. 44 in the top 10.

Well, he’s there now, right where he belongs at No. 10 on the list. Seventy-five touchdowns, while averaging a remarkable 96 yards from scrimmage per game, in seven seasons in purple. There’s good reason for those good memories.

We are sorry about the error — apologies to our readers, and to Foreman.

Chris Carr