RIP to that time I typed out this whole post and then the system froze, and I lost it all.

SO ANYWAY, take two of the first edition of the You've Got Mailbag with @theothermegryan. I'll try to do these as often as possible to get some of your burning questions answered.

Tom G. (who asked this question via email, true to theme): Had a question about the MN United draft picks. Are they all expected to make the team or could they start at lower leagues and work their way up?

MR: Draft picks, for the most part, spend time developing in the NASL/USL. But, you know, as the only goalkeeper on the roster right now, Alec Ferrell has a great chance of playing, haha. I'd expect Thomas de Villardi and Tanner Thompson to go on loan to a lower division. No. 1 overall pick Abu Danladi should stay up, but I wouldn't expect he'd start right away.

@easytimestim: Is our roster set? How many more players should we expect to sign?

MR: The roster is 100 percent not done yet, lmao. Currently there are 16 players. The limit is 28 overall, with an 18-man game-day roster. I expect a flurry of signings this week, a few from the NASL roster and maybe a new face, before United starts training camp Monday. 

@natepentz: Will United have a DP signing this season?

MR: I don't think so. At least not a stratospheric one. A designated player, for those newer to the soccer world, is basically a high-profile player that has a bigger salary/transfer fee. So MLS allows teams to sign three DPs who won't count toward the salary cap. It's a way of getting big name international dudes, like David Beckham did for the LA Galaxy in 2007. United, however, has this kind of blue-collar vibe going that I think it's feeling. The team seems more focused on finding sustainable options and then developing them into stars.

@gutcassidy: Any news about the local television deal?

MR: It is in the works. Should be official soon.

@bteichr: Please find out if/when new kits will be announced.

MR: OK, so, what I have learned about this is that United officially joined the league a little late, back in August. This gave Adidas a shorter turnaround time to design and produce the kits (aka, uniforms, for you new guys). The new threads should be out by end of February.

@gopherstate: Do you also believe the world needs another Tom Hanks/Dave Chappelle buddy movie?

MR: Yes. They should do a full-length movie of this.

Also, thanks to everyone whom I made ask me what I thought the starting lineup would be if United took to the pitch today. Here is my sorry attempt:


Ibarra/Warner/Saeid/J. Venegas

Davis/Calvo/Demidov/K. Venegas


Comment with your attempt at an 11-man lineup from 16 options, I want to know.

Sorry if I didn't get to your question today. But keep sending me your ?s, and I'll keep doing mailbags. Lots of content coming at you tomorrow, too. So stay tuned.

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