Not sure what that would smell like, but he has a line of men’s products out:
The "signature collection" from Willis, created in partnership with German company LG Health & Beauty Systems, includes an eau de parfum (cologne?), hair and body wash, deodorant, and shave balm.


"I personally feel that the new Bruce Willis fragrance is the manliest scent in the world," said Tilo Plöger, LR's CEO. Eau de Bruce Willis contains notes of grapefruit, pepper, and vetiver. The marketing tagline? "Smart Guys Live Forever."

The “manliest scent in the world” might be oil, BO, beer, and a top note of Marlboro, but I guess they’re aiming the product at an audience that smells grapefruit and thinks of Extreme Boxers kicking each other in the head. As for Vetiver, it is a perennial grass native to India. You’re welcome.


The name “Bruce Willis” is apt for a Bruce-Willis-endorsed line of things that smell like Bruce Willis, but c’mon: Yippi-Ki-Eau de cologne was just begging to be used.


One more thing: since this appears to be a German-only product, do Germans think “DIe Hard” is actually “The Hard”?

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