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University of Minnesota student Daniel Dylla was frosted in the morning cold while pausing from a jog along the Mississippi River Tuesday

Why do airplanes sound louder during the polar vortex?

We asked Star Tribune readers to send us their cold weather questions. Here's what we found out.
Cars come and go from the Skyride at the Minnesota State Fair.

Readers reveal their most memorable State Fair moments

August 27, 2018
While some folks were enjoying the rides and mini doughnuts, others were getting engaged, playing pranks or even going into labor.
These women stepped forward with harrowing stories of being raped, then watched in shock as investigators did little or nothing to pursue their cases.

Readers respond to Star Tribune report on rape cases that go nowhere

July 23, 2018
Readers left dozens of comments expressing shock at the findings of our investigation, offering support for the women who spoke out about their experiences, or suggesting possible solutions. Here is a selection of some of those comments.

From locked doors to nightmares: Readers tell us how the Jacob Wetterling case affected them

September 29, 2018
The abduction of Jacob Wetterling in 1989 haunted a generation of Minnesota parents and children.

Readers wax poetic on our never-ending winter

April 13, 2018
As the forecast became clear And more snow inched near We asked how you were feeling, Were you thrilled or reeling? We wanted it in…

You asked, we answered: The charges against officer Mohamed Noor

March 23, 2018
We answer questions such as why the delay in bringing charges and whether the city of Minneapolis is responsible for "fast-tracking" the young officer.

You asked, we answered: Minneapolis proposes citywide four-plexes

April 2, 2018
After Minneapolis proposed a controversial plan to allow four-plexes citywide, upending current rules that limit large swaths of the city to single family homes, we asked for your questions. Minneapolis City Hall reporter Adam Belz answered them.

Minnesota students on why they did or didn't walk out of school

March 23, 2018
On March 14, thousands of students in Minnesota joined others around the country in a school walkout to demand stricter gun laws. The 17-minute protest…
September 21, 2020
Helen Macdonald photo by Bill Johnston Jr

Review: 'Vesper Flights,' by Helen Macdonald

NONFICTION: An insightful collection of essays about our relationship with the natural world.