Houthis stage raids on suspected opponents

Shiite rebels stormed homes and offices across Yemen's capital, detaining more than 120 activists and political figures suspected of supporting the Saudi-led coalition in its airstrikes against the insurgents, a rights group said Sunday.

The sweeps came as a senior rebel envoy was quoted as offering peace talks if the Saudi-led air campaign was halted, but opposition to the return of the country's president could block any move toward dialogue.

The rebels, known as Houthis, have tightened control over the capital, Sanaa, for months. But the latest detentions, which began late on Saturday, appear to signal a wider effort to root out suspected opponents as the Saudi-led attacks have targeted insurgent supply lines and ammunition depots but have largely spared populated areas.

The Sanaa Legal Right Center said at least 122 people were held by the rebels, including top members of the Sunni group Al-Islah.

Washington Post