The Gophers wrestling team is rated No. 3 in the country this week in Intermat's tournament-strength ratings behind Penn State and Iowa, two other Big Ten teams.

Wrestling is one sport the Big Ten dominates. Ohio State is No. 5 and Illinois No. 6. And just out of the top 10 are Northwestern at No. 11 and Nebraska at No. 12. That is seven conference teams in the top 12.

In the individual rankings, here are the No. 1-rated wrestlers and the Gophers:

125 pounds

1. Matt McDonough, Iowa, sr.

11. Dave Thorn, Gophers, jr.


1. Logan Stieber, Ohio State, soph.

4. Chris Dardanes, Gophers,. soph.


1. Kendric Maple, Oklahoma, jr.

7. Nick Dardanes, Gophers, soph.


1. Jordan Oliver, Oklahoma State, sr.

3. Dylan Ness, Gophers, soph.


1. Derek St. John, Iowa, jr.


1. Kyle Dake, Cornell, sr.

11. Cody Yohn, Gophers, sr.


1. Chris Perry, Oklahoma St., jr.

6. Logan Storley, Gophers,soph.


1. Ed Ruth, Penn St., jr.

4. Kevin Steinhaus, jr.


1. Dustin Kilgore, Kent St., sr.

11. Scott Schiller, Gophers, soph.


1. Tony Nelson, Gophers, jr.