I should have taken more psychology classes. Some days I feel like a therapist, whispering sweet nothings into the ears of frustrated Minnesota snow lovers.

John Judkins reports an outbreak of worms in Cottage Grove — in mid-December. Grant Offermann sent me this digital plea: "You gotta help me though, I'm a winter enthusiast and need some snow. My skis are collecting dust … my Siberian husky is shedding like it's springtime again. Give me something to look forward to!"

Uh, I'm just the messenger and the headline remains the same: think Kansas City winter this year. The pattern may shift abruptly next month or in February, but the trends are the trends. The Godzilla of El Niños will probably keep us milder and slushier than average into March.

To get snow, temperatures in the lowest mile of the atmosphere should be below 32. Once again today there's too much warm air aloft for snow in the metro. Expect mostly rain at MSP; a few inches of slush for central and western Minnesota. Santa will need his red SUV.