CIA officer working as adviser to NYPD

New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly confirmed that a CIA officer was working out of police headquarters but said the spy agency's role at the department was an advisory one. He said the CIA trains NYPD officers on "trade craft issues," meaning espionage techniques, and advises police about events happening overseas. CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood said: "Our cooperation, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is exactly what the American people deserve and have come to expect following 9/11."


Decision on shuttles proper, inquiry finds

NASA acted properly, and not in response to political influence, when it picked museums to house the retired space shuttles, the space agency's inspector general said. The shuttles were awarded to museums in suburban Washington, Los Angeles, Cape Canaveral, Fla., and New York, based on recommendations by a special NASA team and a decision by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Houston and Dayton, Ohio, had challenged the process.

Seat belt rule for school buses rejected

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejected a petition by safety advocates seeking a federal requirement for seat belts on school buses. NHTSA said that those who die in a bus are typically killed by impact with another vehicle or object and that "in such circumstances seat belts will not be effective in preventing the fatality." The petitioners, led by the Center for Auto Safety and the National Coalition for School Bus Safety, said they were disappointed but not surprised by the decision.


Casey Anthony meets with probation officer

Authorities said Casey Anthony was polite and cooperative during a meeting with her probation officer and pledged to meet the conditions of her one-year probation in a check fraud case. Anthony, 25, who has remained in hiding since a jury acquitted her of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, met with the officer at an undisclosed location. The terms of Anthony's probation require that she physically report to her probation officer no later than the fifth day of each month and that she cannot change her residence or job -- if she finds one -- without permission.


Anti-graft crusader lists his conditions

Anna Hazare, 74, who is on a hunger strike seeking tougher anti-corruption laws, outlined three conditions for ending his 10-day fast after an appeal from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Hazare said that parliament should start discussions to establish ombudsmen in all Indian states, consider placing anti-graft restrictions on lower rungs of the bureaucracy and prepare a "citizens' charter" to oversee ministries. Singh, without conceding to any of the key demands, said that all views on the issue need to be considered.


Militants call another cease-fire

Gaza militants called their second cease-fire in less than five days in an attempt to keep hostilities with Israel from escalating. A leader of the Islamic Jihad faction, Mahfez Azzam, said Egypt mediated the cease-fire, which was to go into effect Friday afternoon. Hours earlier, an Israeli airstrike killed two Islamic Jihad members in Gaza following a salvo of rocket attacks on Israel.