The Workhaus Collective is making things stick with a new season that for the first time gets them into the Guthrie Studio. It’s good news for the group, which started in 2006 with the vision that playwrights will band together to help produce each other’s new work. This fourth season continues with that same model, but seems a bit more substantial.

"It is more established in that we’re just getting better and more organized and better funded," said playwright Alan Berks, a member of the collective. "Attendance has been increasing, financial contributions have increased but I don’t think we’re suddenly going to do more gigantic work."

The Collective, which produces at the Playwrights’ Center,uses Equity actors and benefits from simple but effective set and light design. Last season, the Collective helped to produce "Fissures (lost and found)" at the Humana Festival in Louisville, Ky., and Berks’ play "Music Lovers" had a sold out run at the Playwrights’ Center.

Opening the season is a collaboration between Deborah Stein and Suli Holum called "Chimera." The premise of the solo show is that a woman discovers she is her own twin. The show runs Nov. 13-21.

Cory Hinkle’s "Little Eyes" will settle into the Guthrie Studio Feb. 5-27. The dark comedy about two Midwestern families on the brink of collapse, features actors Sarah Agnew ("Dollhouse" at the Guthrie), Maggie Chestovich ("When We Are Married") and Luverne Seifert (Iago in Ten Thousand Things’ "Othello). Jeremy Wilhelm will direct the production with design by Wu Chen Khoo and Andrew Mayer.

Marion McClinton, one of the most articulate directors working, will stage "Glyph" by Christina Ham, April 9-24, at the Playwrights’ Center. The play focuses on a woman isolated from her society and language.

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