A 38-year-old Minneapolis woman who ran down a man outside an Uptown bar last summer pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court.

Angela Jackson will be sentenced Feb. 6 and is expected to be sent to prison for 13 to 16 years.

According to charges, Tarrince Winbush, 39, of Brooklyn Center, was at the Bulldog bar and restaurant on Lyndale Avenue S. on Aug. 15 with two friends. Jackson later joined the group, bringing two friends.

A dispute broke out about the bill and the group was told to leave the pub, the charges continue. Jackson got behind the wheel of a car and tried to hit one of the men, but instead hit a parked car. She then drove around the block and hit Winbush, who was walking with one of the other men.

Making her guilty plea Tuesday, Jackson admitted that she was angry with the man Winbush was walking with because he had hit her while they were in the bar, which surveillance video confirmed. She said she drove directly at that man, intending to “take him out.” She hit Winbush instead.

Winbush remains in a coma with a serious brain injury, the prosecution said.