Nike and the Timberwolves released two of the four new uniform designs — the darker "Icon" and the lighter "Association" — last week, with blue and white serving as the primary colors. That satisfied some clothes fanatics, but it led to curiosity about what the final two designs — to be revealed at a later date — will look like.

There is a leaked version of a Wolves jersey that features a lot of bright green, so I asked Wolves CEO Ethan Casson about it.

Casson called the leaks "unfortunate," but said it's been "fun to watch all the different versions everyone has." That said, while he wouldn't speak directly to the next new look he did offer this:

"I will say that from what you've seen in the Association and Icon — the navy and the white — we're going to take a hard turn into something much more unique," Casson said. "It will kind of complete the story. … It will be much more bold and a lot more playful."

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