Former Wolves three-time All Star Kevin Love had arthroscopic surgery in New York City this morning to remove a "loose body" from his left knee and will be out an estimated six weeks, the Cavaliers announced this morning.

LeBron James feels badly for Love, but he sounded more than ready to roll on and unworried about any extra burden Love's absence might be in addition to J.R. Smith's continued absence.

He spoke before this morning's shoot at Target Center, the Cavs' only visit of the season.

For video of his morning scrum with reporters, go here.

"I’ll rest when I retire," James said. "As long as I’m in the lineup, we’ve got a chance. All right, we’re good. Kev is out. Kev is out for an extended period of time. J.R. has been out. But I'm in the lineup, I'll be suiting up, we got a chance against anybody so I aint worried."

Asked if does place more of a burden on him, James said, "Nope, nope, it's been a burden on me since I got drafted. Why does it change now? Nothing has changed. I have my guys ready to play every single night."

That starts tonight against the Wolves, who have back-to-back games against the Cavs and at Denver Wednesday before the All-Star break.

The Cavs last week signed former Wolves No. 2 overall draft pick Derrick Williams to a 10-day contract and he'll be one of the players asked to do more.

Six weeks out would put Love back just in time for the season's last two weeks, just in time for the playoffs.

"He’s a little down," Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said when asked about Love's spirits. "But it's part of it. Injuries are part of the game and that happens. The best thing is we caught it early enough so he can get his surgery and be ready to come back for playoffs."

 it sucks its just our road every season one of our key guys get hurt ,this year is probably the wrost, having our starting 2 guard out for so long and now having obviously our all star poiwer forward out for an extended period of time so its jus tnext man out, and we just hope for a healthy and speedy recovery for our all star, I have not talked to him, don’t know if any of our guys have talked to him, give him a couple days to just kind o flet it go by and then we’ll touch base

Enough time to get ready for playoffs: we’ve got guys playing ball throughout the regular season, when they come back gyuys know the system, they’ll be able to fit right in so we’ll be ready

Dwill help? Listen injuries are part of the game and we hate that it happened to our all star, but we got guys who are ready to go, not feeling sorry for ourselves, we’ll be ready to play against whoever we step on the floor with

Doesn’t affect it (no. 1 seed) we haven’t talked about it, we just go play, no. 1 in the east, whatever, we don’t talk about it, we just go play and let chips may where they may

What year in career turned corner: smile laugh, I turned the corner very very young, probably 16, every game is a learning experience when you’re young, I got the opportunity to play when I was an 18 eyar old it helped out a lot, I just knew I could play the game, my mind was always beyond my play, people noticed the way I played the game, but they didn’t see how I actually thought the game, that’s always sbeen ahead of my game, it allowed my game to just catch up to it

Is it stil that way? My game is pretty good

Tough to get proper rest: who talked about, I’ll rest when I retire, as long as I’m in the lineup, we’ve got a chance, all rigt, we’re good, kev is out for extended period of time, jr has been out, if im in the lineup, suiting up, we’ll have a chance against everybody so I aint worry

More burden: no, no, its been a burden on me since I was drafte,d, why does it change now, aint nothing change, I ll have my gusy ready to play every single not

It sucks for kevin, having that all star year and this is where he wanted to get back to after coming from Minnesota a couple years ago, he was all star and he obviously had to fit himself into a different role, we all did and he finally got back to the point where he felt like he validated himself again in this league and then you have an injury like this, he’ll miss Sunday, which sucks and he’ll miss eight weeks, which sucks, but we got guys who are ready.


on Tristan: we've got to do our gjob, box upt, do better job making sure limit amoutn of a=toches, do a better job, be more physical

not even just home, a way of closing out this part of season strong with a great win, especially home, two more games, getting great wins will help our chances in playoffs

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