louisvilleFor every P.J. Fleck, there is apparently a Bobby Petrino.

Fleck, the new Gophers coach, has been pretty accommodating with media access this spring as he attempts to build more momentum for his program. Included in that was access to Minnesota’s spring game on Saturday, with coverage from BTN and several other outlets as well as video highlights posted on the Gophers athletics web site.

Access to Louisville’s spring game apparently wasn’t quite as plentiful. When you’re a veteran coach like Petrino coming off a Citrus Bowl appearance and have the reigning Heisman Trophy winner (Lamar Jackson) as your quarterback, maybe you can do that. Still, with the Cardinals reportedly telling outlets they could cover this weekend’s spring game but couldn’t record video footage of it — which also was not televised – those who rely heavily on visuals had to get creative.

WLKY had a solution that garnered the station far more attention than had Louisville just let everyone get video highlights.

“We improvised,” the station’s Dan Koob told viewers on the air as he set up highlights of the game. “We commissioned these artist’s renderings of the best plays.”

And from there you get to see … stick figure drawings of a Jackson touchdown pass and then later an interception from a different QB. It finishes with a look at a stick-figure drawing of Petrino.

It’s a pretty creative and funny solution to an access woe, though I do have to wonder if there will be backlash from the school — not that the station deserves it. Here is the clip in question:

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