MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers announced nine pardons on Wednesday, raising the total he's issued to 56.

Evers resumed granting pardons last year after his predecessor, Gov. Scott Walker, didn't issue a single one over eight years.

A pardon doesn't erase or seal a conviction, but it does restore the right to own a gun; to vote; to be on a jury; to hold public office; and to hold various licenses. A pardon doesn't keep someone's criminal record from showing up on background checks, but applicants often say clemency makes them more attractive to employers.

Those whom Evers pardoned this week committed their crimes between 19 and 48 years ago. The crimes committed included stealing a snowmobile from a dealership; stealing a car from a dealership; driving the getaway vehicle while her then-husband burglarized multiple homes; stealing alcohol; stealing from employers; robbery; hit and run; and selling marijuana to an undercover agent.