A young hunter from the Green Bay, Wis., area will have a hard time topping his first hunting experience — after he managed to fell two deer in one shot.

Ten-year-old Kyler Verbeten went hunting for the first time with his dad on Sunday. “I wanted to go hunting this year because I really wanted a deer,” he told WBAY-TV (http://bit.ly/1XtRxjq).

He said he spent some time watching a squirrel jump from tree to tree. But then Kyler and his dad eventually saw two deer in the woods.

“I said, ‘Shoot the big doe,’ because there was a smaller one,” said Matt Verbeten, Kyler’s dad. “He had the gun, and I’m kind of laughing, ‘We’ll see how he does, he’s 10.’ ”

Kyler’s first shot missed. But his dad told him to try again.

“Boom. They just fell right over,” Matt Verbeten said. The shot went through both animals.

“I was so excited I almost jumped out of the stand,” said Kyler. “I just ran down the ladder and ran out there to look at them.”

Kyler’s dad used his tag and Kyler’s, since they weren’t planning on Kyler taking two deer. And Kyler is already looking forward to next year.

Associated Press