I had an out-of-body experience yesterday. "Honey, the lawn needs mowing," my wife suggested. Glancing at the Vikings score, it almost seemed like a good idea. AerisWeather meteorologist Todd Nelson told me outdoor hockey rinks aren't open yet. Here's a thought: flood the rinks and try paddleboarding. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing? These are tough times for snow lovers.

Our luck should change — unless it doesn't. The atmosphere is locked in a persistent rut; prevailing jet stream winds hiacked by El Niño. More Pacific air, less Canadian air; fewer opportunities for big storms to spin up — and not nearly enough cold air in place for snow to stick around.

Sunday's stubborn stratus and fog should give way to sunshine and 40s Monday; a few rain showers push across the state Tuesday. A streak of 40s gives way to a feeble push of cooler air by the weekend with highs near freezing.

Could the pattern shift in January with a conga line of storms and bitter blasts? It's possible — but don't hold your breath.