Tierra de Castilla ‘Hello, World!’ Cabernet Franc 2017

Spring has sprung, sort of, which makes it time for not only white wines but lighter reds. Especially cab franc, even if it’s from a region not known for that variety. The Tierra de Castilla “Hello, World!” Cabernet Franc 2017 ($10.50) actually comes from Spain, but who cares about its provenance when a wine is this fresh, tasty and balanced? At various points, I got red, blue and black fruit, plus some minty notes. The tannins provide just enough grip, and the finish is spicy and more robust than expected. Roasted or grilled fowl, savory soups and stews and, in the grows-together-goes-together realm, paella and Spanish jamón are ideal parings. A slight chill — maybe a little over a half-hour in the fridge — enhances the experience.

Available at Vinifera, Henry & Son, Central Avenue, Kowalski’s, Lake Aire (Duluth), South Lyndale and Zipp’s.

Bill Ward