La Fea Viura-Chardonnay 2016

What a great idea:  Take the most popular white grape from Rioja (viura) and blend it with Americans’ favorite white grape (chardonnay). The result should please those who love chardonnay and those who don’t care for it, or serve as a gateway to either variety. La Fea Viura-Chardonnay 2016 ($12) boasts a striking blend of citrus and tropical-fruit flavors. The nose is complex and alluring, the mouthfeel and finish rich but sleek. This Spanish white is not only a swell “cocktail wine,” but also a seriously versatile beverage for the dinner table. Most any fish or fowl preparation should sing with this beauty, and mildly spicy Tex-Mex dishes would work just as well.

Available at Hums, France 44, Cork Dork, MGM Woodbury and Liquor Vault.

Bill Ward