Komodo Dragon Columbia Valley Red Blend 2014

Critter wines are back! Well, not for sure, but more gems such as the Komodo Dragon Columbia Valley Red Blend 2014 ($18) could, in the argot of “Star Trek” Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “make it so.” Yummy black and blue fruit and some tropical spices nail the nose and taste tests on this Washington red, and there’s plenty of depth and oomph before and during a dry, nigh on elegant finish. The blend is 49 percent merlot, 30 percent cabernet sauvignon and 21 percent syrah, and it’s fun to pick out each grape’s attributes in this hearty beauty. Grilled anything and roasted winter squash should make for swell accompaniments.

Available at Blue Max, Surdyk’s, Lakeville and Robbinsdale munis, On the Rocks and others.

Bill Ward