Field Recordings Central Coast ‘Skins’ 2017

It has been seriously swell seeing so many tasty, distinctive “orange wines” enter the market. The color comes from longer skin contact during fermentation. The Field Recordings Central Coast “Skins” 2017 ($20) has a lighter hue than many of its peers, but still is almost as much fun to look at as it is to drink. Sniffing the floral/fruit aromas is also a treat, and the blend of several fruit flavors with herbal, peppery and tropical-spice notes is pure delight. This expressive, delicious, bracing wine boasts melon, citrus, pear and apple elements all the way through the super-refreshing finish. Fish tacos, grilled shrimp or chicken or veggies and summer salads are a range of apt accompaniments.

Available at Cork Dork, Vinifera, Little Wine Shoppe, Zipp’s, France 44, South Lyndale and Thomas.

Bill Ward