Wine of the week

Many folks might find it incongruous to drink white wine in the brutal cold we've been enduring. But I'm here to tell you that an effervescent white such as the 2014 Chidaine Touraine ($15) can provide serious lift and energy for any winter-weary soul. The heady aromas (floral and citrus) help, but it's the delicious lemony flavors and the impeccable jolts of mineral and acid, all the way through an insanely long finish, that seal the deal. Although the justly renowned Francois Chidaine is most associated with chenin blanc, this Loire sauvignon blanc is up to the winery's standards. A stupendous bargain, it should play well with lighter seafood dishes, salads and green vegetables, or even roasted root veggies.

Available at Falls Liquor, South Lyndale, France 44 and Zipp's.