WIN Minnesota, the fundraising powerhouse behind the pro-Democrat Alliance for a Better Minnesota, has set up a federal Super PAC, according to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

The new flavor of political organization will add to its arsenal of ways to help get Democrats elected and spend on federal campaigns.

Asked if the new committee should be taken as a sign that the groups would concentrate on defending U.S. Sen. Al Franken or other Minnesota Democratic federal candidates in 2014, WIN Minnesota executive director Adam Duininck said: "I think right now we just want to keep our options open."

Super PACs can make raise unlimited funds, including from corporations or unions, and were a powerful force in the 2012 presidential election.

WIN Minnesota already had a state fundraising committee and a non-profit arm to help direct wealthy donors, unions' and others contributions.  The Alliance for a Better Minnesota also had a separate 527 political committee.

Expect at least one more filing sometime soon from the Alliance folks. The other fundraising arm of the effort is now called 2012 Fund. Just as they groups closed down the 2010 Fund and started the 2012 Fund in after the 2010 election season ended, so too will they close down the 2012 Fund and create a 2014 Fund.

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