Vikings All-Pro defensive tackle Kevin Williams said he first learned of the Randy Moss trade rumors while watching the news Tuesday night.

"I was a little surprised," he said. "I don’t think anyone saw it coming."
Williams is one a handful of current Vikings who played with Moss during his first stint. Williams played with Moss for two seasons, 2003-04. Not surprisingly, Williams was excited about Moss' return and the potential impact he will have on the offense.
"I got to see what he can do and I think he still does it at a high level," Williams said. "I think he will help [the offense] and overall it’s going to be a great addition for us. ... Randy can bring that element of the game that Sidney brought last year. He can open things up for Bernard and Percy and all the other guys in the receiving corps. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason we went out and tried to get him. To make those big plays and open things up for other guys."
Williams also saw the distractions that Moss created for the team during his first stint, but he said he's not worried about that becoming a serious problem again.

"I think from what I’ve seen from Randy since he left here is he’s really grown into being a perfect pro," Williams said. "He let all that stuff go. I think he just focused on playing football. You could see it when he got out of Oakland. It was different and he was just focused on making plays and playing ball."

Williams had some strong statements after the Vikings fell to 0-2 this season, about how the team can't take anything for granted just because of its star power on both sides of the ball. He offered a similar quote Wednesday but he couldn't help but think Moss arrival will create a major spark inside the locker room. 

"Like I said a couple of weeks ago after the Miami game, we’ve still got to play the game," he said. "But to add a guy like Randy, it’s going to really help us."