How big a deal will religion be in this fall's presidential election? Not very, according to the latest poll from the Pew Center.  That may be a good thing, based on the public's understanding of the two main candidates' religions. 
The poll said 60%of voters are aware that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Almost a third -- 30%-- didn't know what religion he was. 
Even fewer could peg  the guy who has been president for the past four years: 49% got the answer right -- he's Christian. Almost a third -- 31% -- didn't know. Another 17% said they thought he was Muslim.  
A finding that the faithful might find more alarming is this: 
"The new survey also finds that 66% of the public says that religion is losing its influence on American life. That is little changed from 2010, but among the highest percentages saying religion is losing its influence since the question was first asked in a Gallup poll in 1957. A small but growing share of Americans say it is good that religion’s influence is declining."