Yesterday's candy-coating of snow may have been an omen of the winter to come. It would be premature to write off big snowstorms or polar blasts, but I'm seeing cues in the weather that lead me to believe this may be a typical winter — for Topeka, Kan.

November in the Twin Cities is 9.1 degrees warmer than average, to date. Climatologist Mark Seeley predicts this may be one of the three warmest Novembers ever recorded.

Thank (or blame) El Niño. Record warmth bubbling out of the Pacific Ocean spawned a Category 4 hurricane off the West Coast of Mexico on Thanksgiving Day — the latest ever recorded. A balmy westerly wind howling from the Pacific is overwhelming cold fronts oozing across Siberia into Canada. The coldest air is bottled up to our north, while the main storm track whisks sloppy storms south of Minnesota.

Expect chilly sunshine today and Saturday; temperatures a few degrees below average for a change. An inch or two of slush is possible Tuesday before the next warming trend. No 60s or 70s — but models hint at a few 40s by mid-December.