We don't know when the NHL will begin the 2020-21 season (or is it just the '21 season? ... we're running out of 2020 pretty quickly here ...) but the league and adidas did release alternate jerseys for all 31 teams on Monday morning.

The Wild jerseys have North Stars themed colors as a nod to the team that played in Minnesota from 1967 to 1993. The franchise moved to Dallas and has now been in Texas longer (27 years) than it was in Minnesota.

Here's a look at the jerseys:







It's the first time in league history that all 31 teams had alternates released at the same time. The Wild's jersey is based on the 1978 North Stars design with a Wild crest.

The league said teams will wear the "Reverse Retro ADIZERO Authenic jerseys" in multiple games during the season in matchups of old and new rivalries.

The Wild will have knit hats and hoodies with the logos beginning Dec. 1.