After brief bursts of good news for other teams and a ragged four-game stretch for the Wild, this reality has returned: the local pro hockey team is the only one out of the Twins, Vikings, Wolves and Wild that can be trusted to even potentially deliver a winning season right now.

The Wolves are a mess without the guy we thought was making them a mess last year (Ricky Rubio). The Vikings, with a chance to climb into the playoff picture, couldn't beat a team begging to get booed off its home field. There's always next year for the Twins under new manager Paul Molitor, but the most recent season still has plenty of stench on it.

TOUGH BREAK Todd Gurley might not make any money in the NFL now that the Georgia running back is out for the season with a torn ACL.

UNPOPULAR OPINION I'm in the minority here, and I am by no means a Packers fan, but those throwback jerseys they wore Sunday are magnificent.