Editor's note: Sarah McLellan is covering the Wild during the NHL postseason in her birthplace of Edmonton, but first must spend 14 days confined to her hotel room. She'll write regularly to her father, who now lives in Arizona, with an update on life with limited freedom.

Dear Dad,

I've reached double digits! It's Day 10!

While I don't think I've reached Eloise status yet, I have gotten used to living in a hotel. By now, the space feels comfortable and familiar and I can maneuver around in the dark without stubbing my toe. The refrigerator/microwave combo has been a game changer. I'm still working my way through the Chinese food I ordered Saturday night!

Even when I'm done with quarantine, I'll still be spending most of my time in my room. I'll work here on days the Wild isn't playing, and I anticipate even doing some postgame writing from the desk.

So, this will remain my home on the road for quite some time yet. And once I'm free to leave, I think I'll make a grocery store run to stock up on some essentials that will help me get through the next week.

But I'm not talking about toothpaste or deodorant; as I mentioned before, I came prepared.

What I do need, though, is the items I couldn't bring from home. I'm craving my Canadian staples.

At the top of my shopping list is a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar; it's the best, and I can't wait to hear that crunch when I bite into the mocha-flavored wafer.

Hawkins Cheezies are another must have; you like these better than the nacho-cheese flavored Old Dutch Crunchys I grew up on, but I don't really pick sides when it comes to cheezies. They're all tasty in my book.

Speaking of cheese, I have to get Cheez Whiz. I remember when we moved to Arizona, we bought the Cheez Whiz we found at the store there thinking it was the same as the one from Canada that we spread on toast. But it's not. And I'm ready for a reunion.

Another childhood breakfast mainstay of mine that I found out tastes different in the U.S. is Corn Pops cereal. I could use a box of those for snacking on in between meals.

Other midafternoon options I'm eyeing are barbecue-flavored peanuts (which I have yet to find in the States even though they may exist) and ketchup chips. Dill pickle is another Canadian variety I love; same with all dressed. Canada knows how to do chips!

I'm also thinking of grabbing a two-liter bottle of Crush Cream Soda (I can't resist that fuchsia color), Golden Italian salad dressing and carrot muffins. I've actually been thinking about those quite a bit in quarantine.

Last but certainly not least, I'll have to grab Jujubes candies. They're your favorite, and it'll be nice to have a reminder of home.

Thanks for checking on me every day.

Love, Sarah