Q: I have been watching and re-watching "JAG" for years. I am wondering why Admiral Chegwidden left the show with just one season left. I always thought that was weird.

A: Various reasons have been offered for John M. Jackson's leaving the role of A.J. Chegwidden on "JAG," including that he had done all he could with the character at that time, and he wanted more time to watch his son Conor Jackson play pro baseball. And the show might have kept going longer than one more season but for other factors, including star David James Elliott's decision to leave the series. As for Jackson, he has continued to act on various television series, for example in a recurring role on "Bones."

He did return to the character of Chegwidden at times in an episode of the "JAG" spinoff "NCIS" and several episodes of "NCIS: Los Angeles." (By the way, Chegwidden's middle name is Jethro, the same middle name Gibbs has on "NCIS.")

'The Resident' returns next week

Q: We loved following "New Amsterdam" and "The Resident." Will they be coming back?

A: Yes. "The Resident" returns on Fox Jan. 12. A year ago, NBC renewed "New Amsterdam" through the 2022-23 season, but it has not yet set a return date.

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