Grandparents provide much needed care to a growing number of grandchildren. Approximately 2.7 million children nationwide are being raised by their grandparents and other relatives, requiring considerable sacrifices. In Minnesota, more than 23,000 grandparents are raising nearly 50,000 grandchildren.

Of these, 69.9 percent are white; 11.3 percent are black or African-American; 7 percent are Hispanic or of Latino origin; 5.5 percent are American Indian or Alaska native; 4.4 percent are Asian; 2.4 percent are multiracial.

In addition

69.2 percent of these grandparents are still in the workforce.

66 percent are under age 60.

34 percent are grandparenting solo.

28.3 percent are unmarried.

21.6 percent have a disability.

13.9 percent are in poverty.

Source: Kinship Family Support Services; a program of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota