When the name “Dream Team” gets thrown around, visions of guys like Jordan, Magic and Bird (among others) come to mind. The best of the best.


Now it’s time to add Doug West to that list.

Well, at least is when only considering the all-time greats for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

CBSSports writer Colin Ward-Henninger took on the task of picking the all-time best starting fives for every NBA team.

The caveats: The player must have played for the franchise for five or more seasons, a player can only represent one franchise (impacting players who played five-plus season with multiple organizations) and you had to put players roughly by their position (“basically could these five players be on the court together at the same time,” is what Ward-Henninger wrote.

That eliminates some of the shorter-lived performances of Stephon Marbury, Tom Gugliotta, Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell in a Wolves uniform.

What it leaves you with: Ricky Rubio at point guard, West at shooting guard, Wall Szczerbiak at small forward, Kevin Garnett at power forward and Kevin Love at center.

Here’s Ward-Henninger’s assessment of who else could have been considered:

“Only 16 players have spent at least five seasons in Minnesota, so it was slim pickings outside of the Kevins. Sam Mitchell gets the longevity award at small forward, but ultimately Szczerbiak was more effective. As for the guards, the only other real options were Corey Brewer, Anthony Peeler, Troy Hudson and Micheal Williams. Yikes. At least Andrew Wiggins is entering his fifth season, so he can make next year's list.”

Also of note: Kevin McHale did NOT make the Celtics’ starting five and current Wolves guard Derrick Rose did make the Bulls’.

Check it all out for yourself here.

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