Who makes the final four?

So, the Big Ten winner and Oklahoma are in, right? Right (we think). But the rest? Let's break down the playoff hopes for the College Football Playoff top 10:

Rank and team

1. Clemson (12-0)

2. Alabama (11-1)

3. Oklahoma (11-1)

4. Iowa (12-0)

5. Michigan State (11-1)

6. Ohio State (11-1)

7. Stanford (10-2)

8. Notre Dame (10-2)

9. Florida State (10-2)

10. N. Carolina (11-1)

How they might get in

Beat North Carolina Saturday in ACC title game (7 p.m., Ch. 5).

Beat Florida Saturday in SEC title game (3 p.m., Ch. 4).

The Sooners crack a soda pop Saturday and watch some football.

Beat Michigan State in Big Ten title game (7 p.m., Ch. 9).

Beat Iowa in Big Ten title game.

If Clemson or Alabama loses, Buckeyes could get picked.

Beat USC (6:45 p.m., ESPN) in Pac-12 game — and pray.



Beat Clemson, and have 'Bama, Stanford lose, then maybe.

How they could be left out

If Clemson wins, it's in. A loss might not kill it, either.

If Alabama wins, it's in. Dead with a loss.

Don't see it happening because they're idle Saturday.

If they win, they're in. Dead with a loss.

If they win, they're in. Dead with a loss.

If the ACC and SEC favorites win, Buckeyes are toast.

Stanford needs at least one ACC or SEC upset, probably both.

Expected. Likely would get jumped by N.C. if Heels win.

They don't play and don't have a prayer.

Lose to Clemson. Or: Win and still get left out.