A popular rallying cry at Gophers/Iowa football games in Minnesota is fairly simple: "Who hates Iowa? We hate Iowa." Repeat, forever -- for example, after a 2011 Gophers victory at TCF Bank Stadium.

But Gophers AD Norwood Teague is not a fan, apparently -- at least that's what he told the Iowa media at the Big Ten administrators' meetings in Chicago this week.

Per Hawkcentral, the slogan appeared in an official game program, and Teague put the kibosh on it. He just doesn't care for it, in general:

In fact, Teague went as far as to talk with Iowa athletic director Gary Barta about the matter.

“I don’t like the cheer at all,” Teague said. “I hope we can try to steer away from it.

We reached out to Gophers athletics communication to see if Teague wanted to expand on the subject, but we were told he's said all there is to say.

So for now, we're going with this: Who hates who hates Iowa? Norwood Teague hates who hates Iowa.