It's true that a Minnesota politician could probably run on a pro-global warming platform, but here's why warming matters. The combination of El Niño-enhanced jet stream winds and Gulf Stream waters in the mid-70s offshore (7 degrees warmer than average) provided additional water vapor, and more fuel for Saturday's blizzard — amping up totals into the 2-3 foot range for a wide swath of the northeast.

Warm water expands; a 1-foot rise in ocean levels may have lead to the worst flooding on record for Lewes, Del. Parts of the Jersey shore experienced worse flooding than during Sandy, in 2012. It's weather on steroids.

We don't "believe the science." We continually test the science. The symptoms will become harder to deny over time.

There's no denying 30s will feel good today; models hint at 40F late in the week. No big storms close to home, but Monday's system could squeeze out a couple inches.

I still suspect the worst of winter's chill is in our rearview mirror. Meanwhile D.C. and New York are digging out from nearly a winter's worth of snow from one storm.