Minnesotans really are everywhere. We asked our readers to tell us about their favorite bars outside the state where Vikings fans gather, and they delivered.

We received hundreds of responses from fans across the country (and even a few in Europe). Some of the bars were submitted many times, including Jack Doyle's in New York City, Wilhagan's in Nashville and Redmond's Ale House in Chicago. Others were less well known. Not surprisingly, many Vikings bars can be found in the warmer winter climes of Arizona, southern California and Florida. We even found one place in Seattle, Buckley's in Belltown, that is both a Vikings AND Eagles bar (Buckley's is directing Vikings fans to its Queen Anne location on Sunday).

After hours of research and dozens of phone calls, we narrowed the list down to 65 true, verified Vikings bars in 25 states. If you find yourself somewhere other than Minnesota, we hope this will make it a little easier to connect with fellow Vikings fans on game day.

Don't forget: It's always a good idea to call ahead!