Q: Please try to find out why Chris Matthews is not on MSNBC at night anymore.

A: The longtime political commentator retired from the network about two months ago in the wake of complaints about his making inappropriate comments to and about women. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair's "Inside the Hive" podcast, Matthews conceded that a GQ article about the complaint just before his retirement was "highly justified" and his comment inappropriate. Vanity Fair noted that Matthews is now working on his memoirs and reading letters from fans. "People say they miss me, I miss them, too," he says. "C'est la vie."


Q: I used to watch a very cool show hosted by Anderson Cooper called "The Mole." I really enjoyed the challenges and deceptions and trying to figure out for myself who the mole really was. Why did it not catch on and get renewed for a successful run like "The Amazing Race" or "Survivor"?

A: Well, it wasn't for lack of trying. The series, which had contestants trying to figure out who among them was a mole bent on sabotaging the game, ran for four seasons from 2001 to 2004, two with Cooper hosting and two with Ahmad Rashad as host. The Rashad editions tried to up the excitement by being "Celebrity Mole." And there was a revival of the series in 2008, with Jon Kelley as host. But it never became a big, enduring hit.

Oh, there were fans. Cooper told Andy Dehnart of the Reality Blurred website in 2015 that every crowd he ran into had a "Mole" fan but "if there were more of them, maybe there would still be a show. ... (T)he fact that it's only one is indicative of why it's not on the air, I think." Cooper said one problem was that it was complex, confusing show — that even he, the host, "was confused at times by it."

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