Wanna roll like a rock star and book all 60 rooms at Chambers? That'll be at least $17,000 a night, or as Britney Spears might call it chomp (as in chewing gum) change.

That figure does not include the price of the "Rock Star Suite" -- Spears' digs at the luxury art hotel. The above figure is based upon advertised rates at chambersminneapolis.com. With many members of the Spears crew arriving early Friday morning, and checkout time being noon, the final cost was potentially $17,000-$34,000. The price of the "Rock Star Suite," where Spears had some acrylic nails repaired, is negotiated, but it starts at about $1,500 a night, I've been told.

Loveless nailed it

Britney Spears' middle fingers were ready for a closeup, just in case there was justifiable disapproval of her lip-syncing Friday night at Target Center.

Lisa Loveless, a manicurist at Studio 411 in Minneapolis, was on call for a VIP client at Chambers from 1 a.m. Friday to 1 a.m. Saturday. Loveless was told to be at the hotel by 6:30 p.m. Friday. "At that point it hadn't been confirmed that it was actually Britney, but I had my suspicions because she was the only VIP in town that we knew of," Loveless told me Monday.

"She was darling." Loveless is 5 feet, 4 inches, and Spears "seemed a couple inches shorter. She was also very petite, tiny. I imagined her to be 5-9."

Spears was in the hall talking to her security detail when Loveless arrived at the "Rock Star Suite." After Spears "opened some blinds so we had some natural light," Loveless got on those nails. Spears "asked where I worked and I told her it was outside of downtown in a little salon in Bryn Mawr. That was really it. She was talking to some of her people. She said I did a very nice job and they looked better than the ones she came in with. I was very excited for that," said Loveless, who wouldn't say how much she was paid.

She did French manicures on the "pinky and middle fingers" of both Spears' hands.

So Spears was armed with beautifully manicured middle fingers had the need to flip off detractors arisen? "That's right," Loveless said. "That is right."

Ring-a-ding ding

There was just no good way for WCCO-TV's Pat Kessler to explain why he sometimes hasn't been wearing his wedding band.

"It burns. It burrrrrrnnnns," he said in mock pain, followed by a laugh and "GET IT offfff."

Seriously? "No, but it has been irritating my finger," he said, devolving into more laughter. "As soon as I said it, [I thought] that sounds TERRIBLE." Kessler was having a lot more fun with me than he is with the Franken-Coleman story that shows no signs coming to a resolution. "There is no good answer to that question," Kessler said. "It's a platinum ring, and I am telling you it's not quite as comfortable or as attractive I had hoped. May I state out loud how much I love my beautiful wife."

Cleaning and polishing are different issues from fit so why doesn't he take it back and have it resized?

"Well, I've done it once already. I don't even return an undercooked hamburger at a restaurant. I'm not going to go back and do this," said Kessler, who apparently doesn't ever want to appear to be throwing around his weight as a member of the media. "So I will suffer."

That's all very Catholic, but where was the ring purchased? "I don't even want to tell you," he said. Now, I HAD TO KNOW! Kessler steadfastly refused to tell me. But I know people who know his wife, Marian Davey, assistant news director at Fox 9, so I got somebody to find out.

That ring came from Tiffany & Co in Edina's Galleria. Kerry Kielar, media mouthpiece for Tiffany in NYC, said the company wants customers to be satisfied.

"I'm getting busted for this all over," Kessler said. "I've been getting calls from viewers. We were out at a store -- at the Dayton's Marshall Field's the Macy -- the other day and I got busted by a sales lady. You really caught me off guard. Are you really writing about this? I thought this was all off the record. Who do you think I am, Jason DeRusha?"

That's almost as priceless as something bought at Tiffany.

One thing I know for sure: Had DeRusha bought an uncomfortably fitting ring from Tiffany, he'd have whined about it so thoroughly on Facebook that the folks at Tiffany would have sent over an even more expensive ring to shut him up!

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