For the Becker Bulldogs, it was all about perspective.

Sure, they were upset that their season-long goal — to get another shot at DeLaSalle in the Class 3A championship and avenge their loss of a year ago — disappeared without a game. But those feelings subsided quickly and were replaced by gratitude and understanding.

“At first, it was like disbelief. Is this a prank?” junior guard Julia Bengtson said. “But we came to terms with it when we met in the locker room and talked about what a great season this was. Our coaches always mention that this is a journey, and the destination was just the last part of it.”

Said fellow guard Courtney Nuest, “Right away, we were super bummed out, but when the team circled together and we talked with each other, we realized how great it was that we got the chance to play together and all of the great memories we made.”

At the end of the day Friday, the Bulldogs got together to spend a little more time with one another. Where did they end up?

“We’re actually hanging out as a team at a bowling alley, enjoying some time together,” said Alayna Lindquist, another of the Bulldogs’ deep and talented roster of guards.

“We’re all so bad at it,” Bengston said laughing.

The players credited coach Dan Baird for helping them focus on the good.

“Our coach plays a big role in that,” Bengston said. “Positive thinking. No negativeness, no jealously.”

“It’s important not to get down and to stay positive,” Nuest added.

Baird said earlier in the day that his team is special, a group that always sees things in the proper light.

“I’ve never had a group like this,” he said. “They work their tails off, they’re not judgmental. They do things for the right reason.”

He didn’t even have to do much to soothe the disappointment of the way the season ended.

“Some people talk about this being a life lesson, but I don’t need to with them,” he said. “They already know that stuff. Today was just a day to be a little sad. They understand that there will be a tomorrow.”