Ever since I found this  postcard in a box at an antique store, it's mystified me.

It's obviously about a drunk lamenting something. The end of something. But it's not a Prohibition-era card; it's from the early Oughts. Who'd make a postcard about this? Who'd send it? Did they make lots of topical gag postcards for friends to send?

The Lid. What was the lid.

While looking at some old Minneapolis Journals, I stumbled on this - an apologies for the sizing of the next two graphics; the blog software hates me. (It's a mutual thing.)

There it was again, and once more in cartoon form. The Lid. Well, a bit more googling turned up something that explained it all.

The ban on Sunday liquor sales. All right, that was funny for a while, but that's enough. You theater folks hae been duly advised: refrain. If you want to stay open.