When COVID arrived last March, neighbors in the 4100 block of S. Colfax Avenue in Minneapolis stepped outside to sing together as a way to boost morale. Nearly 300 nights later, they're still singing. Every night at 6 p.m., "rain, shine or meteor shower," as block member David O'Fallon said in a heartfelt e-mail to Inspired, they tackle Prince and Elvis, "Baby Shark" and "Let It Snow," "God Bless, America" and "This Land is Your Land." On Sundays, they add "Singing Through the Hard Times — Working for the Good Times to Come." Two hundred songs in total, with a choir made up of socially distanced retired police officers, school principals, lawyers, librarians, teachers, parents and business owners, from ages 2 to their mid-80s. "We know each other better now," O'Fallon noted. "We are stronger as a small community. We lift each other's spirit." Long may they sing.

Clockwise from top, Mary Bussman sang "Singing Through the Hard Times"; Jo Beld and husband Tim Delmont joined the chorus with assistance from a cellphone flashlight; the nightly singalong is a family affair for Sam Rockwell and Molly Sullivan with bundled-up children, from left, Teddy, 6, and twins Frankie and Maggie, 5.

For nearly 300 nights beginning last March, as many as 20 residents on the 4100 block of S. Colfax Avenue in Minneapolis — some as young as 2 and others well into their 80s — have bundled up and stepped out onto lawns, sidewalks and driveways to sing a variety of tunes together. Young neighbors listened as Emily Moore, 83, sang "We Shall Overcome." To see the Colfax neighbors sing together, and maybe join in, go to startribune.com/inspired.

Correction: Earlier versions of the story and a caption incorrectly identified one of the participants. She is Mary Bussman.