KFC's website just gets weirder and weirder. Behold the Hall of Colonels, which gives you highlights of Harlan Sanders' life. When you choose the 1930 animatronic Harlan, you get a title card: Gasoline Gunfight.

Is it possible they're finally owning up to his interesting life? This excellent bio of the Colonel begins with a gunfight over a gas station sign. Sanders and some associates had just caught his competitor painting over the sign for Sander's station. 

Stewart leapt from his ladder, firing his pistol wildly as he dove for cover behind the railroad wall. One of the driver’s two companions collapsed to the ground. The driver picked up his fallen comrade’s pistol and returned fire. Amid a hail of bullets from his pair of adversaries, the painter finally shouted, “Don’t shoot, Sanders! You’ve killed me!” The dusty roadside shootout fell silent, and indeed the former painter was bleeding from his shoulder and hip. But he would live, unlike the Shell Oil executive lying nearby with a bullet wound to the chest. This encounter might have been as commonplace as any other gunfight around Hell’s Half-Acre were it not for the identity of the driver. The “Sanders” who put two bullets in Matt Stewart was none other than Harland Sanders, the man who would go on to become the world-famous Colonel Sanders. In contrast to most other famous food icons, Colonel Sanders was once a living, breathing person, and his life story is considerably more tumultuous than the white-washed corporate biography suggests.

That it most certainly was. So how does the company handle the story? As if it's some "Waiting for Guffman" joke.