One of the bits of minutiae we explored on this week's Access Vikings Podcast (available on iTunes so subscribe, please!) was the end of the first half against San Francisco when Teddy Bridgewater underthrew not one but two Hail Mary attempts.

The first one, snapped from the 50, landed incomplete at the San Francisco 12. The second, after a 5-yard penalty on the 49ers moved the ball to their 45, was even shorter — and looked somewhat like a designed play since it was caught by Jarius Wright for a 27-yard gain that had little or no chance of doing any real damage as the half expired.

oh no The guy in charge of home run fireworks at Cleveland's Progressive Field accidentally shot them off this week for a homer by the Royals' Alex Rios.

let's go is counting down the top 100 blowouts in sports history, and Minnesota is already well-represented. The top 25 is yet to come.