The Mariners might be wishing they hadn't made a big deal about the Ken Griffey Jr. napping story.

The Super Bowl might be in need of a penguin-themed halftime show if the Jets and Giants win their 2014 bid.

Rajon Rondo might be a rare underrated superstar.


Staff writer Mark Wollemann has this list of four men from outside the U.S. or Canada who became owners of major U.S. pro sports franchises:

1. 1992: Hiroshi Yamauchi, Japan, Seattle Mariners.

2. 1992: Kokusai Green, Japan, Tampa Bay Lightning

3. 1998: Rupert Murdoch, Australia, L.A. Dodgers

4. 2010: Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia, New Jersey Nets

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"It's win or go home at this point." --

LeBron James.