Sometimes those in authority are made to apologize for benign acts, but the Cavaliers earned their backlash (and subsequent apology) for an in-arena video that can only be described as ill-advised even if it was intended as a spoof. Per

The Cavaliers issued an apology on Thursday for an “insensitive” in-game video played during Wednesday night’s playoff game that showed a man throwing a woman across a room for wearing a Chicago Bulls T-shirt.

In the Cavs’ in-arena promotion, the male Cavs fan lifts his partner then tosses her over a sofa, saying: “Bulls fan? I didn’t know you were a Bulls fan.” An announcer then says: “When it’s playoff basketball time, you have to be all-in. Don’t make the same mistake she made.” Later, the woman is shown holding an ice pack on her head and saying, “Well, I’m all-in now,” a nod to Cleveland’s playoff motto.

The Cavs have really been on a roll lately, as they also reportedly scuttled plans to give fans arm slings (seriously) in support of injured forward Kevin Love.

If they make it to the next round, perhaps they could try:

*”Write an angry letter in Comic Sans and we’ll put it on the video board” night.

*”Are they a father-daughter or a older man-younger woman couple? Kiss Cam game.”

*”Every Derrick Rose has its Thorn” karaoke contest.

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