There are friends. Then there are friends who are only trying to help.

Whether you are the friend or the beneficiary is up for grabs as "What Not to Wear" -- the show that's only trying to help -- soon will be casting in Minneapolis. As viewers of The Learning Channel show know, its makeover subjects are nominated by friends, relatives or co-workers who consider a person's wardrobe a daily disaster of muffin tops, time warps, slutty necklines or general frumpiness -- and have the photos to prove it.

Those photos will be part of the show, of course, which further heightens the general queasiness one feels as some "stars" learn, for the first time, that their nearest and dearest believe that they need to be on such a show. Presumably, a new $5,000 wardrobe eases any embarrassment.

In any case, the show soon will be scheduling "top secret interview events" with nominees, so here's the drill: Send an e-mail with the following information: name of nominee, age, size, height, marital status, occupation and home location. Describe your nominee's style, personality and what makes her unique and deserving of this opportunity. Include at least four photos that illustrate "her terrible style" and send it to

Be sure to include your name and contact information with the e-mail and keep it secret from your victim.

Filming will begin in July. For more information, visit the show's website at