What I’ll be watching for today in the Vikings-Broncos game:

1. Can Mike Zimmer run onto the field in 3.2 seconds, breaking the weekend record set by P.J. Fleck?

2. Broncos defensive end Von Miller is the one Bronco who can ruin the Vikings’ plans today. How do the Vikings block him, and do the react well if the Broncos move him around?

3. Kyle Rudolph has begun making big plays, and Irv Smith is a big-time talent. Against a defense that should be able to limit Stefon Diggs, and that is surely game-planning to stop Dalvin Cook, I could see either or both of the Vikings’ tight ends making a difference today.

4. If the Vikings can get a lead, do they go to Alexander Mattison? Cook has been healthy all year, and a limited number of touches followed by a bye week might ensure that he will be at his best down the stretch.

5. The Vikings’ offensive line was lousy against Kansas City and outstanding against the Cowboys’ difficult front seven. How will they play today?

6. The Vikings are the only NFC team that is undefeated at home. Only the Patriots, among AFC teams, have done that. So it’s important for the Vikings to both press that advantage today, and to play well enough down the stretch that they have a chance at home-field advantage in the playoffs.

We'll have full team coverage from the Star Tribune team and on Startribune.com during and after the game I recommend picking up the Monday paper to see our layout and great photography as well.

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