By Todd Nelson, filling in for Paul Douglas

My feet are wet, my umbrellas need a break and my shovel is getting jealous. I don't think I'm cut out for this wet November weather. It doesn't seem right, does it?

Thanks to a deep trough of low pressure in the western U.S., we've had to deal with a steady stream of moisture over the past couple of days. Precipitation values with this storm have been impressive for this time of year and we're not quite done yet.

The center of the storm will pass over us today, with steadier rains ending early and possibly turning into a wintry mix late in the day across the northern half of the state. You will definitely notice the chill in the air late tonight/Thursday as winds pick up on the backside of the system. Enough lingering moisture combined with cold air could produce a few inches of slush in northern Minnesota through Thursday, but the Twin Cities will stay accumulation free.

A quick-moving system could bring shovelable snow to Iowa and southern Minnesota Friday, I'm watching it.

No big storms developing for Turkey Day.