West Side Wednesdays, a series of monthly events based in 2015-16 at St. Paul's Humboldt High School, has found a new way to introduce local families to their schools.

It's moving down the river bluff on Oct. 26 to the Riverview West Side School of Excellence.

There, from 5 to 7 p.m., families and community members can again eat dinner and play sports, and also learn about Riverview's preschool and Spanish dual language immersion programs.

Last year, West Side activists and school district officials, including then Superintendent Valeria Silva, launched the monthly events as a way to connect parents to their schools and hopefully stem the flow of students to schools outside the neighborhood.

A survey conducted by the group West Siders for Strong Schools showed that while parents did not think highly of West Side schools, they also did not know much about them.

This year's events coincide with developments at Riverview and Humboldt. Riverview is one of six sites piloting ways to improve school climate. Humboldt is set to be part of the first round of major district building projects, with plans there including creation of a new main entrance.

Groundbreaking is expected in the spring.